Garnet Marquise Earrings

Garnet Marquise Earrings

These are statement earrings handmade with Garnet gemstones and Sterling Silver. The marquise shaped links are interesting and different while the gemstones have a lovely deep burgundy colour. 



Garnet Marquise Earrings

These Garnet marquise earrings are handmade with Garnet round smooth gemstones. Garnet has a deep burgundy red colour that matched nicely with silver. The gemstones are wire wrapped and attached to the elegant Sterling Silver marquise shaped link and are hung on the Sterling Silver earwire. 

Length: 2”/5cm

Gemstone Type/Size: Garnet Round Smooth 8mm

Metal Type/Size: Sterling Silver Marquise Link 11x21cm, Sterling Silver Earwire, All Other Metals are Sterling Silver

Packaged: Gift Box Complete with Satin Ribbon

Shipment: Ship Out in 1 Business Day, Free Standard Worldwide Shipping

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About the Gemstone:

Garnet is the birthstone for January and the stone that celebrates the 2nd wedding anniversary. It suggests eternal friendship and trust and is the perfect gift for a friend. It is said to be stabilising in that it can bring order to chaos whether internal or external. Emotionally, considered a stone of increasing commitment, honesty, hope and faith. It is a stone of positive thoughts. 

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver with some base metal, usually copper, added for strength. As the purity of the silver decreases, the issue of tarnishing increases because other metals in the alloy may react over time with oxygen in the air. To help keep its shine, keep it in an airtight plastic bag when you are not wearing it. To clean sterling silver gently wipe it across with a polishing cloth.

Semi-precious stones and crystals have been an integral part of the human history, representing wealth and power as well as being ascribed qualities both genuine and superstitious.


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