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About Our Jewellery

At ILgemstones Jewellery, we believe in the power of "colourful simplicity".

We create elegant and charming handmade Irish jewellery with a passion for excellence. Our designs are inspired by the beauty of semiprecious stones and precious metals.  

We help you celebrate your uniqueness and style whether you need an Irish jewellery design for a special occasion, a gift or just to brighten up your day.

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Great product, excellent communication
and fast shipping. Would highly recommend it.

Beautiful, well made and beautiful
packaged. Thank you for accommodating my wishes !!

I bought this for my mother-in-law,
it looks stunning on her, the quality is excellent, beautiful stones. It was packaged beautifully and very professional. Delighted with the purchase.

Anya Courtney customer
Mease Siah-Hamm customer
Nicola Goff customer

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