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About Our Jewellery

Our gemstone designs and colours range from delicate to bold, perfect for adding a little sparkle to your outfit whether it is for a special occasion, a gift or just to brighten up a day.

Featuring bright colours and sleek designs accented with silver or gold, our gemstone and personalised jewellery is feminine, elegant and timeless.

Handmade in Ireland with semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold-filled and vermeil.

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Great product, excellent communication
and fast shipping. Would highly recommend it.

Beautiful, well made and beautiful
packaged. Thank you for accommodating my wishes !!

I bought this for my mother-in-law,
it looks stunning on her, the quality is excellent, beautiful stones. It was packaged beautifully and very professional. Delighted with the purchase.

Anya Courtney customer
Mease Siah-Hamm customer
Nicola Goff customer

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Labradorite the stone of magic

Labradorite the Stone of Magic

If you were to think of gemstones as magical, Labradorite would certainly be on top of your list. It is the Stone of Magic in every sense. Besides its aesthetic beauty, Labradorite is widely used for its symbolic meanings and special energies.

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Mother of Pearl's Iridescent Glow

Mother of Pearl’s Iridescent Glow

Mother of Pearl carries a sense of elegance and sophistication reflecting the wonders of nature's intricate designs. One of the most distinctive features of Mother of Pearl is its iridescent or pearlescent appearance. 

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November Birthstone

November Birthstone - Rays of Sunshine in Citrine

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