Best Christmas Present Ideas
December 24, 2021

Best Christmas Present Ideas 2021 Are Only a Click Away

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to celebrate with our families and friends. It is also the biggest gift-giving time of the year, so, understandably, you can feel the pressure to find the perfect present. There are so many present options out there and it can be difficult to know where to begin. No need to fear, we have compiled a selection of Christmas present ideas for women near and far in your life to cut through the noise.

There is no need to worry about battling through crowded shops packed with cranky people. You can sit at your home with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine and check out our Christmas present ideas and get your shopping done right here. This selection of Christmas present ideas takes care of the closest and dearest women in your life. Together with following our tips on how to make Christmas shopping easier and what to consider when choosing a present, this Christmas you could enjoy more and stress less.

Tips to Make Christmas Shopping Easier

Getting your timing is crucial for an enjoyable Christmas shopping experience. It is wise to start planning early so you can get the right present at the right time and the right price. Be more like Santa, he is always well-prepared and does his shopping on time!! Here are a few tips on how to make your Christmas shopping easier:

  • Put together Christmas present ideas during the year
  • Make a list and check it twice! Decide what you are going to buy for your children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends, and filter it out
  • Make a budget - if you want to be efficient and not bankrupt, decide ahead of time what your total spending will be for Christmas presents
  • It is never too early to start shopping if you want to save money and energy
  • Spread your shopping out over a few months
  • If buying a winter item buy it during the summer and vice versa
  • Support small businesses in your area where you will find a fantastic selection of unique gifts and will support your local community
  • Go online to avoid crowds
  • Take into account unexpected shipping delays

Things to Consider When Choosing a Christmas Gift

  • Help yourself by asking questions: What do they like? What do they not have? What kind of lifestyle do they have? What are they interested in?
  • Gift a problem solver - find a problem in your recipient’s life and solve it with your present
  • Make it thoughtful
  • Unique is better than expensive
  • Gift a present they can use in their daily life and use all for themselves
  • Make it fun
  • Think of your best memories spent together
  • Consider getting a few smaller presents
  • Ask for a clue without asking by discussing different Christmas present ideas
  • Don’t follow the crowd
  • Match the gift correctly to the relationship level

Christmas Present for Mum

We have received the most valuable gift from our Mum and now is the moment to show her how much we love her and recognise everything she does during the year and the festive season. Shopping for Mum means picking something particularly special but it can be tricky working out exactly what she would love. A gemstone necklace in her favourite colour or the gemstone she loves the meaning of can warm her heart and make her feel and look stylish and beautiful.

Green Agate Chain Necklace

Christmas Present for Wife

Your wife is an awesome human, full of wisdom, laughter, beauty and emotional complexity. She is the person you fell in love with and decided to spend the rest of your life with. Your wife is a special person who deserves a special present, especially at Christmas time. Rose quartz is the gemstone you want to gift as it is a symbol of unconditional love, compassion and kindness.

Rose Quartz Gold Necklace

Christmas Present for Grandmother

The time we spend with our grandmother is some of the most fun of our lives. She is that one person who spoils us no matter how old we are. Christmas is the moment to show your love by finding a thoughtful gift. Grandmothers like to feel part of the current generation and like to challenge themselves by trying new things. It is best to gift her something she wouldn’t get herself but that will make her feel special and on-trend. Our green agate hoop earrings are trendy and in a vibrant green colour that would blissfully brighten your grandmother’s look.

Green Agate Hoops

Christmas Gift for Teenage Girls

Getting a Christmas present for a teenage girl may seem like the hardest thing in the world. While it seems, their mind changes every so often, generally, they have things they truly value and appreciate. They certainly know and follow the latest trends but you can leave that up to them. Personalised Christmas present ideas that are all about them will help them feel important and loved which is exactly what every teenager needs. Check out our love and protection personalised necklaces which would perfectly complete the mission. We are confident they will cherish it and wear it daily.

Personalised Protection Necklace Turquoise

Christmas Present for Sister

No one knows your sister as well as you do, but that doesn’t mean you also know the perfect Christmas present to get her. Perhaps picking a pair of earrings or a colourful bracelet that complements your sister's unique personality and style would be a perfect match. Sisters are very important people in your life and you want to get her something she will get good use out of and enjoy too and is still within your budget.

Turquoise Bracelet

Christmas Present for Best Friend

Depending on your friend’s personality the task of choosing a gift for a best friend could range from simple to nearly impossible at Christmas time. It is only natural you might be looking for a way to show your best friend just how much you appreciate her always being there for you. Yet, finding a unique Christmas gift that is truly worthy can be tough. This is where our Christmas present ideas guide comes in handy. The choices are endless with gemstone jewellery but you can rest assured she will like a piece you pick as you know her so well.

Christmas Present for Work Colleague

Giving a Christmas present to your work colleagues is not required but it creates a more pleasant work environment and appreciation for the people you are surrounded with most of the day. You can select a few closest colleagues you work with every day and keep within a reasonable budget you want to spend on them. Think of the meaning behind gemstones in a gemstone bracelet they can wear every day at work.

Labradorite Silver Bracelet


Christmas is a joyful time of the year, yet it can be a very stressful time if you want to buy everyone a Christmas present, they will love. That is where our Christmas present ideas list comes helpful. By doing thorough research, and following our tips on how to make Christmas shopping easier and what to focus on when choosing a Christmas present you could make your life easier in the busiest period of the year. Christmas comes around so quickly every year and even a small change in your choices can show loved ones you care and that you have put lots of thought into choosing something unique for them.



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