Mother's day gifts
January 31, 2024

Mother's Day Gifts to Celebrate the Woman Who Means the Most

Mother's Day Gifts to Celebrate the Woman Who Means the Most

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it is time to show our mothers how much we appreciate everything they do. While flowers and cards are always a classic choice, this year, let us think outside the box and surprise your mother with a meaningful jewellery gift that truly reflects her unique personality and taste. No matter what you choose to give your mother, the most important thing is to show her how much you care. A heartfelt gift, coupled with a genuine expression of love and appreciation, will make her Mother's Day truly special. We put together a selection of jewellery gifts from our gemstone collections to delight every type of mother – even those who say they do not need a thing.

The Gift of Birthstone

Birthstones make a unique and personalised gift. They are associated with specific months of the year, so they make a truly special gift for your mother. Each birthstone is believed to carry certain meanings and properties, such as luck, health and prosperity. Gifting a birthstone can symbolise well-wishes and good fortune for the recipient. Birthstones come in a variety of colours and styles, making them visually appealing gifts. A birthstone piece of jewellery will nurture your mother with its magical properties while infusing tradition, symbolism and personalisation. Discover our selection of birthstones and their meanings.

Amethyst Double Bracelet

Mother’s Day Gifts When Going Through Change

Going through change can be stressful and challenging. A thoughtful jewellery gift can provide comfort and encouragement during this time, reminding your mother that you are there for her and rooting for her success. A well-chosen gift has the power to lift your mother’s spirits and bring a smile to her face, even during tough times. It can serve as a reminder of happier moments and provide a brief escape from the stress of change. Amazonite is a calming gemstone and will help your mother deal with all the stresses of a changing lifestyle. It brings hope and success to new projects. Amazonite encourages taking the risk to embrace something different.

Amazonite Gold Necklace

Mother’s Day Gifts if Living Away

Giving a gift to your mother, even if she lives far away, is a wonderful way to maintain and strengthen your relationship despite the distance. A jewellery gift serves as a connection point between you and your mother, bridging the distance gap. It allows you to communicate your sentiments and maintain a sense of closeness, even when you cannot be there in person. In that situation sending something green like a green agate bracelet is a wonderful reminder of home.

green agate bracelet

Mother’s Day Gifts When Going Away

Transitioning to a new environment or being away from loved ones can be challenging. A thoughtful jewellery gift can provide comfort and reassurance, reminding your mother that you are thinking of her and supporting her from afar. Taking the time to select a meaningful gift shows that you have put thought and effort into acknowledging your mother’s upcoming journey or time away. Black onyx is a powerful protection and strength-giving gemstone that your mother might need. It aids the development of emotional and physical strength. Black onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps prevent the drain of personal energy.

Black Onyx Gold Necklace

Mother’s Day Gifts for Motivation

Giving your mother a jewellery gift to wear for motivation can be a meaningful way to encourage her, uplift her spirits and show your support for her goals and aspirations. A thoughtful gift can boost her confidence and self-belief, reminding her of her strengths, capabilities and past achievements. It serves as a tangible reminder that you believe in her and her ability to succeed. Amethyst is your answer as a gift for your mother who needs a motivation boost! It has empowering energy that promotes a motivational mindset. Amethyst inspires action-taking to make life changes and achieve goals.

Amethyst Earrings

Mother’s Day Gifts for Self-Care

Self-care is essential for managing stress and promoting mental and emotional well-being. Giving your mother a gift for self-care is a thoughtful way to encourage her to prioritise her well-being, recharge and indulge in activities that bring her joy and relaxation. A gift of rose quartz is here to help! Rose quartz will remind your mother not to forget to put herself first! She will become the best possible version of herself. Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love - not just towards others, but yourself too!

rose quartz gold necklace

Mother’s Day Gifts for Better Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for good health and it plays a crucial role in maintaining physical, mental and emotional well-being. By giving your mother a gift to improve her sleep, you are supporting her health and helping her function at her best. Amethyst is a protective gemstone that provides relief from stress and anxiety. This gemstone helps calm your mind and enables quality sleep at night.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Spiritual Lover

Giving a jewellery gift to your mother that aligns with her interest in spirituality can be a meaningful way to support her journey of self-discovery, inner peace and personal growth. It is a gesture that shows your love, respect and appreciation for her spiritual path and encourages her to continue exploring and nurturing her beliefs. Tridacna is one of the most important spiritual stones, it is said to protect you from evil spirits. Tridacna can stabilise mood and balance mental and physical states. The white colour symbolises a new beginning or a fresh start.

tridacna bracelet

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Minimalist

By choosing a jewellery gift that aligns with your mother’s minimalistic style you are showing that you respect her aesthetic preferences and understand her taste. It demonstrates your attentiveness to her likes and dislikes enhancing the meaningfulness of the gift. Minimalism is characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with another colour or detail used as an accent. Gold and garnet designs offer a touch of warmth while maintaining a delicate appearance.

garnet bracelet

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Monochrome Lover

Monochrome jewellery gifts seamlessly integrate into your mother’s existing wardrobe complementing her minimalist colour palette. Select items in black, white or shades of grey to ensure they blend harmoniously with her outfits. Choose from our selection of monochrome jewellery gifts in black, white or grey if you want one with these characteristics.

black onyx pearl bracelet

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Trendy Mother

If your mother is trendy, giving her a jewellery gift can be a great way to support her love for staying fashionable and up-to-date with the latest trends. Trendy gifts allow her to express her unique style and personality. You support her interests and passions and demonstrate that you are attuned to her tastes and preferences encouraging her to explore new styles and trends. Trendy gifts often evoke excitement and surprise! Hoop earrings are perfect for dressing up an everyday outfit or wearing for a night out.

green agate hoops

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Colour Lover

Giving a colourful jewellery gift to your mother is a delightful way to celebrate her love for colour, express your appreciation for her vibrant personality and add a touch of joy and positivity to her life. Colourful jewellery gifts make a stylish statement and can help your mother stand out from the crowd. The colour red is meant for someone with a vibrant and energetic personality but there are no set rules when it comes to colour. Colour is a trick of the light, an ever-changing master of illusion that shifts depending on the environment and the hues beside it!

red coral necklace


This Mother's Day, go beyond the ordinary and choose a gift that truly captures the essence of your relationship with your mother. Whether it is a piece of personalised jewellery or a different style these thoughtful gifts show your love and appreciation in a meaningful way. Celebrate your extraordinary mother with gestures that are as special and unique as she is.

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