Best Gift for a Wedding Anniversary
December 29, 2020

Best Gift for a Wedding Anniversary to WOW Your Wife

Happy anniversary! These are sweet words for couples who have committed to spending their lives together. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a special day as you revive your beautiful wedding day and show your appreciation for one another.

Almost every marriage starts with an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Gemstones as a gift for a wedding anniversary are a natural continuation. In this blog post, we explain how the tradition of wedding anniversary gifting started. We present you with a list of anniversary gemstones and the meaning behind them.

How to Choose a Perfect Gift for a Wedding Anniversary

A happy marriage is one of the most beautiful treasures in life. You have probably heard of the silver anniversary marking the 25th year of marriage or the gold anniversary marking the 50th. The practice of giving specific anniversary gifts based on the number of years you have been married started way back in the Middle Ages and is celebrated to this day with plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you are celebrating your first year together or your 60th, finding the right gift for a wedding anniversary to honour the day you said “I do” can be complicated. Luckily, every year has a specific metal or gemstone attached to it that would make a lovely gift for a wedding anniversary to show your other half your love and dedication. As the years pass, it is appropriate to celebrate your union with gifts that will outlast the passing of time. For that reason, we believe that a piece of jewellery with the right wedding anniversary stone is a perfect choice. As wedding anniversaries are marked every year your gift doesn’t have to be a major expensive purchase. The major milestones deserve to be splashed out but you can pick a smaller gift for a wedding anniversary as a reminder for any other year.

It would certainly put a smile on your wife’s face and make a lovely addition to her existing jewellery collection. Use our list of anniversary stones as a starting point to help narrow down the choices and provide ideas. They have a lovely heart-warming meaning behind them.

Anniversary Gemstones as the Best Gift for a Wedding Anniversary

Traditional and modern wedding anniversary gift lists use simple materials, like paper and cotton, to symbolise the development of married life together. With the years spent in marriage, the gifts increased in substance and value to reflect the investment of time spent together. Gemstones and jewellery have long been used to mark important celebrations. They are rich in symbolism, withstand the passing of time and offer infinite inspiration. They can also be sentimental heirlooms that will be cherished by generations. you can use our anniversary stone list as a guide to help you choose a unique gift for your wedding anniversary.

There is no single authoritative wedding anniversary gemstone list, however, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has compiled a list to help you find that perfect anniversary gift with meaning for your loved one. In this blog post, we followed the GIA anniversary gemstone list which will hopefully serve you with lots of inspiration and ideas.

History of Wedding Anniversary Celebration

There is no historical reference that could confirm the origin of wedding anniversary gift-giving before Germany during the Middle Ages. Traditionally, a couple’s friend would give a wreath made of silver to a woman when she had been married to her husband for 25 years. After 50 years of marriage, the wife was presented with a wreath of gold. The modern conception of the “silver wedding” and the “gold wedding” anniversaries is based on that tradition. Development of more elaborated anniversary gift-giving lists occurred later on.

The tradition was mentioned during the Victorian era as it was a period when the exchange of gifts and love matches was triumphing. Queen Victoria established her 60th year on the throne as her Diamond Jubilee and the 60th wedding anniversary became associated with diamonds.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that an extensive yearly list was invented, and even then it was subject to change. In 1922 in her first etiquette book, Emily Post listed eight specific occasions and explained how they should be marked. Her wedding anniversary list helped develop the lists used today.

Over the next decade or so, the gifts associated with each anniversary were further established. In 1937 the American National Retail Jewelers Association issued a comprehensive list. Each year up to the 20th year was assigned a different symbolic material or gemstone, as was every fifth year after that, up to the 75th anniversary. The 65th anniversary was mysteriously omitted!!

Anniversary Gemstones by Year and Their Meaning

Choosing a present that perfectly symbolises your love and affection is not an easy task. The abundant world of gemstones and jewellery can certainly make it easier. The fullness of colours, textures and beautiful meaning behind the gemstones would put a smile on anyone’s face.

1st - Gold symbolises the golden glow of your first year together. Gold is illuminating, sacred, durable and precious just like your marriage. Technically, it is not a gemstone but has been used in decorative objects since 4000 B.C. making it a perfect companion for any gemstone.

2nd - Garnet with its red hues is most commonly used in jewellery as a gift for a wedding anniversary. It is said to bring love, luck and loyalty. Garnet with its gorgeous, deep shades of red is a powerful energising and regenerative gemstone. It balances, strengthens and protects. It is also the January birthstone.

Garnet Delicate Necklace

3rd - Pearls are soothing and carry maternal, nurturing and supportive vibrations. Pearls are said to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness and to promote faith, loyalty and truth. They have long been associated with purity, humility and innocence. Cultured Pearls offer diversity, beauty, and affordability. Pearls are also the June birthstone.

Labradorite Bracelet

4th - Blue Topaz has long been associated with love, romance and affection. Its placid blue colour invokes images of a harmonious marriage. It symbolises honesty, clarity of feelings, and deep emotional attachment.

5th - Sapphire is a hard and durable gemstone that can withstand the test of time just like your marriage. People credited this gemstone with the power to bring harmony between lovers. Sapphire symbolises the qualities required in a healthy relationship like; loyalty, faithfulness, truth, sincerity and reliability.

6th - Amethyst is the world’s most favoured purple gemstone. People have admired it for thousands of years. It is the gemstone of St. Valentine and faithful love. Amethyst carries the energy of fire, passion, creativity and spirituality. It is also the birthstone for February.

Amethyst Necklace

7th - Onyx protects marriages from strains and trials as well as represents harmony. Onyx has good toughness which makes it both practical and beautiful for everyday wear. This dark, cool stone is said to offer powerful vibrations of protection and strength, perfect to keep your marriage going strong.

Black Onyx Gold Necklace

8th - Tourmaline is tough against damage and long-lasting. Tourmaline comes in lots of colours. Pink radiates the highest amount of love. It promotes better listening and understanding and carries the virtue of unconditional love and friendship.

9th - Lapis Lazuli was admired, desired and highly valued by ancient cultures. Its deep, sacred blue remains the symbol of kings and honour, queens and power, spirit and vision. Lapis Lazuli is a worldwide symbol of wisdom and truth, qualities that are so important in any marriage. It is also September’s birthstone.

North Star Lapis Bracelet

10th - Diamond is a symbolically apt gemstone as a gift for this wedding anniversary. It is a major milestone in married life and Diamond as the hardest mineral on Earth mirrors the bond of your love. Its rarity reflects the uniqueness of true love.

11th - Turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones. Turquoise has been used for amulets for centuries and is thought to be a protective stone. It is a symbol of good luck and success. Turquoise jewellery is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of the second decade of married life. Turquoise is also the birthstone for December.

Turquoise Necklace

12th - Jade is prized in Chinese culture for its durability and good luck. The finest-quality Jade is almost transparent with a vibrant emerald-green colour known as “Imperial Jade”. This gemstone attracts love, protection and prosperity. We offer Yellow Jade which is a yellow variety of Nephrite, a variety of Jade. Yellow Jade will promote emotional stability and will bring balance and harmony to loving relationships.

Jade Necklace

13th - Citrine with its sunny colours is a dazzling and brilliant gemstone that energises and promotes the well-being of anyone who wears it. It is called The Success Stone as it has been associated with prosperity and abundance since ancient times. It is also November’s birthstone.

14th - Opal is an emotional gemstone that represents devotion and fidelity as well as a long healthy life. Opal is also the birthstone for October.

15th - Ruby represents nobility, purity and passion. It is one of the most historically significant coloured gemstones. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Ruby is called Ratnaraj, or “King of Precious Stones.”

16th - Peridot is a beautiful symbol of undying love and devotion. It is also August’s birthstone.

17th - Carnelian is the gemstone of endurance which also brings joy and warmth to a married unity. It is also an alternative birthstone for July.

18th - Cat's Eye acts as a talisman to protect against unexpected danger. This gemstone brings wealth and prosperity and helps people regain lost wealth.

19th - Aquamarine symbolises health, courage and clear communication. These are all necessary qualities for a happy marriage as you approach another milestone. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

20th - Emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. Emerald is known to preserve love and evoke the renewal of life, making it a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary celebrating two decades of married life.

21st - Iolite was also called the Viking's Compass. It helped the ancient explorers steer their wooden ships across wild seas as they sought new land. It is a vision gemstone instilling hope in difficult times. It promotes feelings of peace, calmness, and tranquillity.

22nd - Spinel comes in a variety of colours and is durable and affordable. It is said to help set aside egos and become devoted to another person. Like other fiery red gemstones, Spinel is believed to encourage great passion and devotion.

23rd - Imperial Topaz refers to topaz that can range from yellow to a deep golden colour. If you want to improve your love for your partner or your friendship with your friends, Imperial Topaz is your best choice.

24th - Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone that was first found in the late 1960s. It is a beautiful blue gemstone, often with a purple tone. Tanzanite will make a harmonious connection between what your heart desires and what your mind wants to achieve.

25th - Silver symbolises harmony and radiates as bright as your love. It represents a clear vision and clarity for the future.

30th - Pearls are timeless just like your relationship created through longevity. Much like a marriage Pearls form many layers over time and the longer they form the more beautiful they become.  

Aventurine Bracelet

35th - Emerald symbolises long-lasting love and preservation.

40th - Ruby awakens the senses, stirs the imagination, and is said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love.

45th - Sapphire is also the anniversary gemstone for the 5th year of marriage. If you missed that anniversary now is the time to make up for it. You even have a choice as Sapphire comes in many other colours than the most known classic blue.

50th - Gold is strong and resistant to corrosion and is often associated with wealth, wisdom and optimism.

55th - Alexandrite dispels negative energy and brings good fortune and prosperity. It is very rare and unique in that it changes its colour depending on the light.

60th - The Diamond and its fire indicate an undying love that cannot be dulled. The word Diamond in Greek translates to “invincible”. This precious stone symbolises strength, affection and eternal love for one another.

70th - Platinum is more valuable than gold or silver. It symbolises true love, integrity, truth, and endurance. Your relationship with your spouse is permanent, and your love for them is true.

75th - Sapphire is a symbol of inner peace and loyalty, both qualities required for a couple to stay together through 65 years of marriage.


Giving a gift for a wedding anniversary is a great way of marking your special day. It is an opportunity to strengthen your bond, show you still care and have some fun together. Remember, sometimes it is the little things with a deep meaning that have the biggest impact. Keep this in mind when choosing your next gift for a wedding anniversary.



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