March 01, 2024

Angelite - A Journey into Tranquillity

Angelite - A Journey into Tranquillity 

Angelite is celebrated not only for its ethereal appearance but also for its profound spiritual and healing properties. Angelite is known as the "stone of awareness" or "blue anhydrite". As this gemstone's soothing blue colour and energy remind you, there is always someone to reach out to, whether in the physical or invisible realm. Bringing you a sense of tranquillity and spiritual connection, our handmade Angelite collection matches beautifully with sterling silver. You are invited to discover this stunning gemstone. 

Did You Know?

  1. Angelite is a relatively new gemstone; it was discovered in 1987 in Peru
  2. It is also known as Anhydrite or angel gemstone
  3. It is thought to improve spirituality and spiritual awareness
  4. Angelite brings calming and comforting energy
  5. It is a soft mineral that does not like water and good care should be taken
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Origins and Formation of Angelite

Angelite is a form of anhydrite, a mineral composed of calcium sulphate. Its distinctive blue hue, ranging from delicate baby blue to a deeper celestial shade, is a result of the presence of trace amounts of manganese. While Angelite shares similarities with other sulphate minerals, its unique colour and translucency set it apart as a gemstone with celestial charm.

The primary sources of Angelite include Peru, Germany, Mexico, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Most notably, the deposits in Peru have gained recognition for producing high-quality Angelite with a delicate, sky-like blue colour. The gemstone often forms in sedimentary rocks and its creation involves a fascinating interplay of geological processes over millions of years.

While Angelite has gained popularity for its mesmerising appearance and spiritual significance, it is relatively rare in the world of gemstones. The unique combination of minerals and the specific geological conditions required for its formation contribute to its scarcity. This rarity adds to the allure of Angelite, making it a gemstone that enthusiasts seek not only for its beauty and metaphysical properties but also for its distinctiveness in a market saturated with more common stones.

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Symbolism of Angelite

Angelite, a pale blue stone, is widely associated with peace, calmness, and spiritual connection. Its symbolism stems from various aspects such as colour, name and formation. Angelite’s baby blue colour is often linked to serenity, tranquillity and the vastness of the sky and water. Its name is derived from "angel" and signifies a connection to the angelic realm and spiritual guidance. "Anhydrite" is another name for Angelite and means "without water," suggesting a stone pure and untainted.

Metaphysical Properties of Angelite

Angelite is renowned for its metaphysical properties, believed by many to offer a profound connection to the angelic realm and higher spiritual consciousness. We list some of the key aspects that make Angelite a cherished gemstone in the world of crystal healing.

Calming Energy and Tranquillity

One of Angelite's most celebrated attributes is its ability to instil a sense of calm and tranquillity. Its soothing energy is said to alleviate stress, anxiety and tension, providing a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere for both the mind and body. This makes Angelite a popular choice for those seeking emotional balance and a respite from the chaos of daily life.

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness

Angelite is often associated with promoting spiritual awareness and connecting individuals to higher realms of consciousness. It is believed to facilitate communication with angels fostering a deeper understanding of one's spiritual path and purpose. Many practitioners use Angelite in meditation and prayer to enhance their spiritual experiences.

Communication and Expression

As a stone of communication, Angelite is thought to assist in expressing thoughts and emotions with clarity and compassion. It stimulates the throat chakra, encouraging open and honest communication while also promoting active listening. This makes Angelite a valuable tool for individuals seeking to improve their communication skills or overcome challenges in expressing themselves.

Balancing Energies

Angelite is believed to balance the energies within the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It harmonises the yin and yang energies, promoting a sense of equilibrium and well-being. This balancing act extends to various aspects of life, helping individuals navigate challenges and maintain a sense of harmony in their relationships and personal growth.

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Angelite Myths

Unlike many gemstones with rich mythological backgrounds, Angelite lacks a traditional association with established mythologies as it is relatively recently discovered. However, its name and colour association have led to the development of modern symbolic interpretations linking it to angels and the celestial realm. These interpretations, though not directly rooted in myths, resonate with individuals seeking spiritual connection and peace.

Angelite Jewellery

The tranquil beauty and metaphysical allure of Angelite have contributed to its growth of popularity in our collection. Our inspiration for combining it with sterling silver came from its soft, serene colour and calming effect on those who wear it. Its delicate blue tones complement sterling silver beautifully allowing for versatile and elegant jewellery designs. Our Angelite designs range from bracelets to necklaces and earrings. Whether worn as a standalone piece or combined with other gemstones, Angelite jewellery radiates a serene and ethereal charm that resonates with those who seek both aesthetic appeal and spiritual connection.

Caring for Angelite Jewellery

Angelite is a relatively soft gemstone compared to others and requires gentle care to preserve its beauty and energetic properties. Here are some essential tips for caring for your Angelite jewellery:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals as Angelite is sensitive to harsh chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, and cosmetics. It is advisable to remove your Angelite jewellery before applying lotions or engaging in activities that may expose it to chemicals.
  • Gentle cleaning is needed to keep your Angelite jewellery at its best. Use a soft, damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Store your Angelite jewellery separately from other pieces to prevent scratches and damage. Consider placing it in a soft pouch or lined jewellery box to protect it from abrasions.


Angelite captivates hearts with its serene blue tones and profound metaphysical properties. From its geological origins to its tranquil energy, Angelite invites us to explore a realm of spiritual awareness and tranquillity. As this gemstone continues to rise in popularity, its timeless beauty and ethereal charm promise to make it a cherished companion on the journey to higher consciousness and inner peace.

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